Desktop Services

Application support

A set of commonly used software package is fully supported by us.

AV Management

Every system connected to the client networks is required to run anti-virus software. This forms the second line of defense against viruses – ensuring that if infected files are opended on client computers, the virus id identified and file access stopped, preventing further infection.


Patching is a piece of software designed to improve the performance, including fixing security vulnerabilities and other bugs.  Our Patches automatically updated on a regular basis, including 3rd parties patches.

Configuration Services and Enforcement

A standard user desktop design and configuration enables efficiency in the services provided by us, and reduces cost significantly through standardization of the computing environment.

Scheduled Maintenance

We conduct scheduled maintenance of desktops and laptops ensuring reliability and stability for users.

Dynamic Network Configuration

Dynamic network configuration is an important feature to maintain connectivity between all systems.  We maintained this services through a server that is attached to your network.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Planning

We help to identify, understand and prioritize the critical of business processes to reduce risks during a business interruption. Then we implement a plan to keep your business services available during emergencies. To further support that goal, we develop and implement rapid restore procedures.

Disaster Recovery

We have a proven set of design, document and disaster recovery plan for you.  Critical data and devices are identified and incorporated into the plan to ensure a rapid recovery from data loss or service interruption.

Email Continuity

Inbound email is spooled continuously in the event of an outage of your network or server.  Spooled email automatically delivers once the connection have been re-established.

File Storage

We offer remote, electronic file storage and access via file server hosted in our datacenter.

Monitored Backup Solution

We continually monitor success, failure or errors related to your backup.  Data can be maintained in both primary and secondary remote location, ensuring your data is safe and available.

High Availability Services

If your business applications require high availability needs, we implement a plan to have mirrored fail-over system so that the threat of service interruption is virtually eliminated.

Network Services

Authentication Services

We provide you a central authentication and authorization services.  It allows us and tools to assign policies, deploy software, and apply critical updates to an entire organisation.

Configuration Management

We ensure all infrastructure has accompanying documentation, and that we are aware of all system dependencies. We maintain a database of this information that assist with planning to avoid unwanted impact of changes made to other system components.

Policies Management

We setup and manage the infrastructure used to deliver and apply one or more desired configuration or policy settings to a set of targeted users and computers within our managed services.

IT Hardware Technical Support

We provide comprehensive maintenance, support and consultancy to your computing equipment. Our ability to service this onsite or remotely ensure a rapid turnaround of your computing assets.

VPN, LAN & WAN Support

We provide support services for the ongoing operation and configuration of your virtual private network, local area network and wide area network

Dynamic Network Configuration

Dynamic network configuration is an important feature to maintain connectivity between all systems on the network.  We constantly maintained and managed this configuration through a server attached to the network.

Why managed services are so important

of network professional can't pinpoint the source issues

Human error contributes to unplanned downtime

of organisation had compliance issues

Average Hardware failure per year

Security Services

Antivirus Management

Proper configuration and installation of supported anti-virus applications on both servers and workstations.  Includes ongoing maintenance, such as updates to the application, the virus definitions, and any necessary changes to the configuration.  We also monitor information on new viruses and destructive programs.

Authentication Services

A number of systems rely heavily on security to ensure appropriate user and access.  Central servers are available to ensure that all users attempting to log in to one of these systems are authenticated first.

Firewall Management

We maintain the system software and operating system of your firewall, continually manage policy and configuration changes, and coordinate necessary service outages with the you to minimize access and security interruptions.

Email Content & Attachment Filtering

We create filters for inbound email policies based on attachment type, allowing senders, such as designated partners, customers and associates, to bypass specified email policies through an approved sender list.

intrusion Detection & Prevention Services

We implement and manage systems that collects and analyzes information from a variety of system and network resources, looking for signs of internal misuse or intrusion.

Virus Outbreak Management

In the unlikely event of a major outbreak, it is important that the response is targeted and coordinated properly.  An emergency response plan has been created just for that purpose and communications between you and our team throughout the outbreak and recovery period.

Server Support

Windows OS management

We offer operating system support for client servers and for resolving issues that arise with applications for client services such as email, calendaring, backup , printing etc.

Remote Server Support

We can remotely maintain and service customer servers from our NOC.  Everything from regular maintenance to troubleshooting and remediation can be conducted remotely, and reduces the need for on-site technician support.

Application Manitenance

Ongoing maintenance, updating and support of certain server-based applications.

Application Performance Monitoring

Monitoring of the ongoing health, performance and error in server-based application

Hardware and OS Maintenance

We conduct scheduled maintenance of server equipment ensures reliability and continued high quality service.

Server Security

Continuous monitoring of the health and operation of your server(s) security incidents, network traffic and device availability.

General Support

24x7 Network and Server Support

We provide around-the-clock support of your servers and core network devices and services.

Customer Service Portal & Ticket Tracking

Customers have the ability to create and track a trouble ticket on our portal.  This is convenient for you.

Incident Management

We have a set of processes whose aim is to ensure any interruptions to normal service are kept to a minimum and returned to normal operations as soon as possible.

Priority Response level

As a preferred contract client, response to your issues and requests are handled by a more stringent set of terms, and are given priority over non-contract customers.

Problem Management

Our services include analysis of data recorded by our support staff to determine common causes of outages or incidents affecting large numbers of users, and then managing the process of identification of the root cause of the problem and elimination of the error from the infrastructure.

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

We plan and manage the optimal functioning lifespan of your IT assets, and plan for their upgrade, retirement and/or replacement in an ongoing fashion.

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