Security Awareness Training

Over 90% of cybersecurity functions have an awareness program, yet 69% of employees admit to intentionally bypassing their enterprise’s cybersecurity guidance.

Why are we having this conversation?

Security Awareness Training • Your Human Firewall
Empower your employees to be part of the solution

Human Vulnerabilities

Poorly trained users are human vulnerabilities hackers will exploit, lacking awareness of security best practices, inadvertently become entry points for cyberattacks.

First Line of Defence

A robust training program turns learners into your first line of defense. By educating users about threats, and security protocols, organizations can create a human firewall

Unlocking Human Potential

You can’t patch humans… but you can teach them. Education and guidance remain powerful tools for growth and transformation

Easy onboarding and management

Our streamlined onboarding process ensures that your employees receive essential security training from day one.

Memorable lessons that will be retained

Our engaging modules use real-world scenarios, interactive quizzes, and relatable examples. Employees won’t just learn; they’ll remember.

Reflects real-world threats

We analyze current threat trends to keep our training content fresh and relevant. Your team will learn from real cases, ensuring practical knowledge that sticks
Make Training Easy and Fun

Most businesses like yours don’t have the staffing to run a program like this, so let us do the heavy lifting and make training your employees easy and fun.