Co-Managed IT Services

Your internal IT organization deserves high-impact resources

Your in-house IT team is made up of high-quality technology professionals who support and facilitate the pursuit of your organizational objectives. We applaud them, their efforts, and their commitment to excellence.

We work alongside your IT department to enable your IT specialists to focus on pro-growth and big-picture IT department goals. Enterprise tools that might have been out of your budget’s reach are now available to you through our partnership.

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IT Director / CIO

Leading the internal IT department of a growing business is a monumental undertaking. Everything from end-user requests to horizon-level cyberthreats drain your team of resources.

You want to leverage your expertise to drive digital transformation in the organization, but time, financial, and manpower constraints are holding you back. We’re here to support you.


Your company is highly dependent upon your IT assets, and your internal IT organization keeps those assets running flawlessly. But they’ve let you know that your next big growth steps are going to take a toll on their limited resources.

Give your IT organization access to a full complement of IT specialists and tools, freeing up your IT organization’s time and expertise to tackle the high-impact technology challenges you face.

How does our co-managed IT service work?

We’re here to do as little or as much for you as needed, but we’re not here to take over or displace your team. We love to work with like-minded IT professionals!

Our supplemental IT services team accomplishes the daily tasks so that your resources can tackle the projects that are piling up and slowing your forward momentum.

Keep your IT staff - Let us fill in the gaps

A co-managed agreement gives you access to a full team of professionals to support your internal IT resources. Our clients lean on the niche specializations of our team for everything from daily IT tasks to helping with project rollouts.

Co-managed agreements (and associated pricing) are tailored to each engagement.

The benefits of co-managed services

Economy of scale

Tools that may have been out of reach or out of your budget now become available to you. Rollout our tools on day one—no need to wait for training. We can immediately begin to monitor and manage on your behalf, increasing efficiency across your IT department. .

Retain expertise and knowledge

What your internal IT organization brings to the table is irreplaceable. Keep your current team happy and in-place while giving them the support and tools they need to get more done

Keep IT budgets in check

If the wages, benefits, and tax obligations associated with hiring additional in-house IT professionals are not in the budget, that’s OK! We’ll fill in the gap. We offer customized pricing geared specifically to your requirements of our team..

Access IT Experts

Your internal IT specialists have a wealth of knowledge and skill, but no one can know it all. Our co-management specialists are happy to add their expertise in niche areas to your already-robust knowledge base

Vacation coverage

Your IT team members deserve their time off. Our co-managed services ensure they can get the rest and relaxation that they need to be at the top of their game!

Gain space to grow

Your internal IT has to have the capacity to grow with the company. If your in-house IT team is bogged down and overworked, they can’t help you achieve your objectives