What you don’t know can hurt your business

Cyber risk incidents can have operational, financial, reputational, and strategic consequences for you and your customers, all of which come at significant costs. Security misconfigurations and software vulnerabilities are often the root cause of these incidents, which leave the door open for cybercriminals to exploit these weaknesses.

According to Verizon (DBIR), 82% of breaches involve the human element, misconfiguration, and misuse. Implementing the best-in-class endpoint security solution with advanced capabilities doesn’t guarantee 100% protection. A security setting within an endpoint that violates a configuration policy, or has been left insecure or misconfigured, can cause unintended behavior, putting the entire system at risk.

Common mistakes that lead to security risks !

Not keeping up with patches

Outdated software can leave systems exposed to known vulnerabilities, which may have already been patched. To ensure patches are effective, they must be applied on time. Otherwise, hackers will take advantage of vulnerabilities.

Security misconfigurations

Attackers are actively looking for holes in security to sneak into the network. To be truly effective, protection settings must be properly configured and enabled to avoid hackers exploiting protection setting weaknesses.

Lack of visibility into indicators of attack

In living-off-the-land (LotL) attacks, intruders use legitimate software or tools available in the victim’s system to perform malicious actions. Implement a security solution that includes anomalous behavioral analysis and detection of IoAs.

Accidentally leaving unprotected endpoints

A cybercriminal only needs one device to compromise the security of the whole organization. Deploy an endpoint security solution in every single system. Protection is only as strong as its weakest link.
Endpoint Monitoring Console

New equipment is added to the network, systems change, and patches are not applied on time – all adding to misconfiguration and creating new vulnerabilities. The more human errors present on your networks, the more chances an attacker has to access your data.

Helps to prevent and monitor cyber risk

Cyber risk can have a direct impact on your systems if the endpoint solution is not properly configured. This makes existing protection measures less effective, forcing IT teams to assess their security posture continuously. So, how can risk incidents be prevented?

Security admins need to understand their cyber threat risk posture and reinforce security solution controls so they can prevent and minimize the chances of getting infected and disrupting their business. Strengthen your security posture with risk monitoring and discover vulnerabilities and security configuration weaknesses across endpoints where Viperlink Endpoint Security solutions are implemented.

Manage and monitor unprotected endpoints, indicators of attack, security misconfigurations, OS and third-party software vulnerabilities, and missing patches to proactively safeguard your network before a breach occurs.

Benefits to your business


Monitor risk constantly to strengthen cybersecurity posture and mitigate the risk.


Discover laptops, computers, and servers with unpatched vulnerabilities that could be exploited.


Monitor risk constantly to strengthen cybersecurity posture and mitigate the risk.


Decrease incidents by identifying risks and addressing them immediately, making the security posture more efficient.

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