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KrisEnergy’s resource business is complex, so having an IT support partner that is both reliable and quick to respond is important to our operations running efficiently. Having been with Viperlink for 8 years, I feel that we have a real partnership with them; not only do they listen and take care of our technical requirements, but they also discuss options, make recommendations and work with us to define our IT strategy. We have a support package that has given us the flexibility we need as our business evolves and changes.
Michael Whibley
VP Technical, Krisenergy Ltd
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With over 15 years of extensive experience in managing IT for the oil and gas sector, we proudly excel in delivering top-notch solutions. Our expertise spans a wide range of technical aspects, including seamless migration to cloud-based environments, handling complex situations such as mergers and acquisitions, and ensuring optimal performance of Line of Business (LOB) applications. Moreover, we possess a proven track record in managing data flow efficiently between offices and even offshore rigs. Our dedicated team understands the unique challenges of the industry and is committed to providing tailored IT solutions that fuel your success in the oil and gas sector.
Portait of KO Lee
Lee Kok Onn
Chief Technology Strategist
We deeply understand the needs and requirements of your business. With years of experience and expertise, we speak the language of the industry, enabling seamless collaboration with your Line of Business (LOB) vendors and ensuring compliance with data regulations. Our team takes pride in managing your infrastructure efficiently, allowing your internal IT to focus on building better technology solutions tailored to your specific operations. With our comprehensive support and industry knowledge, we empower your business to thrive and achieve its full potential in the ever-evolving landscape of the market. Together, we embark on a journey of growth and success, driven by a shared commitment to your business's success.
james lau of viperlink
James Lau
Business Development

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